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Our People


Pastor Ray

& Judi Nicholls

Ray and Judi Nicholls were saved at Pentecostal Assembly Church in 1975. Ray went on to become Principal of New Hope Christian school from 1978 - 1991. He also served as a member of the Eau Claire City Council for 6 years during this time, serving as Vice-President for two years. He was appointed by Governor Tommy Thompson to the Wisconsin Education Block Grant Committee and served four years there.

Shortly after being saved, the Nicholls felt a call to missions. That call was finally realized in 1992, when they left everything and went to Belarus, a country in the former Soviet Union. They started churches in the capital city of Minsk as well as many other cities across that nation. In 2000, they moved to the nation of Poland and also started many churches there. The Nicholls went on to spend 26 years on the mission field in Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine. They also served as Area Coordinators over 16 nations.

After retiring from the mission field they returned to Pentecostal Assembly Church, where their journey with Jesus began. Ray became pastor of PAC on August 25, 2019. The Nicholls continue to faithfully serve God and the congregation at Pentecostal Assembly Church.

More of Our People coming soon!

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