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PAC offers a wide variety of ministries to serve your individual needs

and to provide you with opportunities to fellowship with others.

We desire for every person to find  A PLACE TO BELONG

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Children's Ministries

We have several great ministries and programs to share the Gospel and knowledge of Jesus with children of all ages including Bible Quizzing and Children’s Choir. PAC also has annual events and activities including a Church Picnic with food, games, and fun, Rally Day, and a Christmas Program especially for our children.

Sunday School classes for ages two through eighteen are available for children and teens every Sunday morning starting at 10am, followed by Children’s Church for ages two through nine. 


AMPLIFY Student Ministries offers exciting services and activities for students/youth ages 7th grade - young adult. We want to help youth LIVE LOUDER for Jesus Christ!

AMPLIFY holds weekly student services every Friday night at 7:30pm. After service the students fellowship in our student center where a wide variety of activities are available to them. 


We know youth have boundless energy. We keep them busy and offer many activities designed just for youth including Summer Youth Camp, Winter Youth Convention, National Youth Congress, Sectional Youth Events, and P7 Bible Clubs. These events not only offer them skills to "live louder" for Jesus, but a place to meet and socialize with other youth who want to do the same.


HYPHEN (Young Adults)

HYPHEN is a group that seeks to gather, connect, and engage young adults from ages 18-35.

HYPHEN wants to help you grow as an individual and have fun doing it. 

HYPHEN holds weekly events following Pentecostal Assembly Church’s Wednesday night Bible study. We offer a place to find and build friendships and always include food. From outings around Eau Claire to game nights conveniently held at Pentecostal Assembly Church, our ever-diverse schedule is made easy with weekly reminder texts.

To be connected to what’s happening in HYPHEN text “@hyphenpac” to 81010


 We know that women have different needs at different stages of life, and we offer a variety of ways for women to become involved and connect with each other for encouragement and fellowship. 

Some of the activities of REACH Ladies Ministries include Tea Parties, Baby Showers, Hospitality, Visitation, baking and food prep for special events, and  monthly ladies' prayer. We have an annual Ladies Retreat in May and Christmas Banquet in December.

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ADVANCE Men’s ministry seeks to connect men to Christ and each other through fellowship and service. They serve the church through large group and individual service opportunities for those in need. They also meet weekly for prayer.

The men of ADVANCE have cut wood, installed garage doors, moved entire households, worked at other smaller churches in our state, and even traveled to Panama and Costa Rica on building trips.

Advance also sponsors fishing, marksmanship, auto show trips and other fun events for men to attend.


Mom's Group

Moms of all ages and stages draw wisdom, encouragement, and strength from each other in our Mom's Group. They join together monthly for a Mom's Night Out. 


Heritage Builders

We appreciate our rich heritage at Pentecostal Assembly Church. Heritage Builders is a group just for seniors. They gather together often for breakfast at local restaurants, holiday dinners, and soup nights. They have also been known to venture out to see a show together. We love the example of Christian fellowship and love they show us.


Discipleship Class

Spiritual growth is so important in our walk with God. Held on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am, this class offers training designed to introduce principles of Christian living to new members of Pentecostal Assembly Church.


Bible Studies

When we study the Bible, we draw closer to Jesus and gain a deeper understanding of truth and who God is. We can unlock the hidden treasures inside that lead us to life everlasting. 


We have a Bible study for you! Our studies cover a wide variety of topics and have flexible schedules so that everyone can participate.  We offer individual Bible studies as well as Group and Couple's Bible studies. 

We are excited to study the Bible with you! Please let us know if you are interested in a Bible study.

Purpose Institute


Do you want to go deeper into God’s Word? Would you like to have a ready answer when people ask you about the Bible? Do you want to become better equipped to do God’s work? Your opportunity awaits at Purpose Institute!


Pentecostal Assembly Church is a local Purpose Institute campus. Purpose Institute is a highly effective tool providing ministry education for local leaders while allowing them to remain faithful to their local church, their work, and their families.

Visit the PI website or contact the church office for more information.

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